Best Programming Practicing Resources

Best Programming Practicing Resources

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·Feb 8, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • CodingBat
  • Python Principles
  • Geeks For Geeks
  • Project Euler
  • CodeChef
  • Conclusion

In the last post, I discussed what are my most used resources to learn code or any new technology. But after learning to code you must need to practice them, apply them to real-world problems know how to structure and solve a particular problem, while doing so, these were my most used resources (not in order of usage).


May look old but is great

This is by far my most used resource out of all these, I've used it for Python practice nearly on a daily basis.

One thing is that it is only for Java and Python i.e only the real-time coding environments are present for Java and Python so if you are someone learning Javascript or something I will recommend taking a look at other options on this list. But if you are learning Java or Python this is the best recommendation.

Python Principles

Only for python (if you didn't understand given the name)

As the name implies this website is only for Python practicing, I have mentioned this on the list as it has a really great and solid choice of problems (though only 20) that go from least difficult to most difficult. You will have a very good understanding of Python till you get to the end of the problems. Can't say much it's great and you should definitely use it.

Geeks For Geeks

Another great one

Good ol' GFG who doesn't know about GFG this is the best website for developers (don't compare with StackOverflow both are in a completely different realm) it has a huge database of different problems and you will never run out of problems to solve here.

It also has problems that are asked in all the huge tech companies definitely recommend it if you are applying for jobs or interviews with these companies. (seriously there are a lot of companies)


Project Euler

I'm running out of quotes!!!

There is no "Built-in" coding environment here but there are a heck of a lot of problems to solve and improve but you have to use the environment that you already have set up on your machine (which is fine, I guess) of course if you are going to use the technology you are learning commercially it would already be set up on your machine.

Anyways, this is a great website I highly recommend for the number of problems it provides for free.


One website to rule them all (at least in my opinion)

This one is not a forum website like geeks for geeks but is of a programming specific website where there are continuous events going on and a lot of competition opportunities on a daily basis which is really great as a beginner as you can grow with accountability in mind that you are competing in something.

Practicing here feels great there are also a lot of great problems which you can solve in the code environment provided by the website themselves.


I think this list should help you practice the exact thing you are trying to learn so that you can build upon the foundation and be a great programmer as a whole.

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